Female Fat Loss Handbook™

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If you feel as though you've tried everything to lose those stubborn love handles and thunder thighs, this best-selling program is for you! With its easy-to-follow signature diet and training routine, The Female Fat Loss Handbook™ is your one-stop-shop for fat loss success. This program includes: 

    • A complete weight training routine optimized for fat loss and toning;
    • A comprehensive guide to help you design the perfect custom meal plan;
    • Dozens of pages of secret tips and tricks to help you shed unwanted weight FAST;
    • Lifetime RE Fitness membership area access; and
    • 2 additional programs included FREE with this purchase ONLY.
      • Body Shock™, which contains extreme programs for fat loss and lean muscle building. 
      • Eating On The Go™, your invaluable fast food survival guide.