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Founder of RE Fitness Ryan Engel is an international fitness coach and creator of the best-selling fitness series Advanced Abs ©, and The Female Fat Loss Handbook ©. Ryan is an authority and thought leader for no-nonsense, easy-to-understand fitness knowledge. Ryan's philosophy of using high intensity interval training paired with effective nutrition systems, such as carb cycling, has quickly taken flight as a fail-safe way to shed unwanted body fat.
Ryan has always strived for precision in nutrition, harnessing the unrivaled power of specific nutrition "down to the ounce" to ensure client results.
As of 2024 Ryan is currently focused on his 1-on-1 Coaching System, 3M.

Where It All Began

Ryan has been building fitness plans since long before he could type. In high school he used to stay after class to create custom plans for his athlete friends before the age of smartphones. Graduating in 2003 from North County High School, just outside of Baltimore, Maryland, Ryan pursued a degree in Psychology and also heavily studied bodybuilding, physique aesthetics, nutrition. He started his higher education at Salisbury, Maryland and ultimately graduated from Towson University in Baltimore.
Ryan's post-college career choice happened by chance when his best friend at the time asked Ryan to submit an application alongside his to become a police officer. Ironically, although Ryan's friend was not accepted into the academy, Ryan was recruited for the position.
Years of police training and a stellar record as an Anne Arundel County Police Officer gave Ryan a mature and empathetic outlook on life. Throughout his years on the force Ryan continued to promote his views on health and fitness by building programs, training, and helping his clients, friends, and fellow officers on the side with their fitness and weight loss goals.
"I never want anyone to be held back due to fitness. Being in shape has led me to some of my best friends and life goals - I truly want everyone to be able to experience that," Ryan stresses.


Victory Through Defeat

In the summer of 2010 while on duty in Laurel, Maryland, Ryan responded to a routine call that would change everything. Upon arriving to check the wellbeing of a subject, despite Ryan's approachable demeanor, the belligerent individual immediately started a physical altercation.
Before he could detain the individual, Ryan's shoulder was dislocated and rotator cuff was torn in several places. A then-bodybuilder version of Ryan was forced into a sedentary lifestyle. Ryan's 220-pound muscular frame deteriorated into a morbidly obese, inactive figure.

(For a closer look please see this article from The Baltimore Sun on Ryan's police years to international fitness coach - TAP TO READ).

Dealing with depression as doctors insisted he would never lift over 15 pounds again, Ryan felt his identity fade. Ryan worked for over 3 hours per day with physical therapists for months at a time to push the limits on his recovery.
After 24 months of grueling recovery, Ryan was able to return to the fitness world having proven his medical advisors wrong.
"The biggest gift came from this. I understood what it was like to live in a body I didn't want to be in. I knew how to reach and help others who wanted desperately to make a change," recalls Ryan.
No longer able to serve as an officer, Ryan forged a new path out of his love for health and fitness. He founded a fitness brand, Nexus e-Training, that advised other coaches and trainers on how to connect with and properly train clients.
Shortly after Nexus reached local success, Ryan decided to go hands on with clients all over the world as the internet matured. He synergized fitness efforts into what is now his flagship, RE Fitness.
At the core of Ryan's long journey, he explains that his clients are his #1 priority. Having reached millions and grown many communities based off his efforts Ryan wishes to push for more. "I will never settle - I want to bring the power of transformation to as many people as possible."

RE Fitness

My life's mission is to enhance the quality of yours - not just from the physical standpoint, but also from an emotional, mental, and intellectual standpoint. With the power of positive attitude and armed with the right nutrition and training principles, every person is capable of completely transforming his or her life. Choose me to accompany you on your fitness journey, and I guarantee a brand new you through inspiration, perspiration, and education.
Everything up until now was just your warm-up.


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