The Top 5 Workout Mistakes: Fixing Form

The Top 5 Workout Mistakes: Fixing Form


It’s no secret your time spent working out is valuable. It clears your mind, speeds the metabolism, expedited fat loss, burns tons of calories, the list goes on! But wouldn’t this all be better if you were getting even faster visible results? It’s time to talk from. 

Training Form is the heart of your workout. This is what allows your body to take advantage of each movement and get the most out of your routine as a whole.

If you’ve ever felt like “the workout just sucked” or you couldn’t feel much, it’s likely due to committing one if not all of these beginner form mistakes. 

The top questions from my 1-on-1 clients this week had to do with training form. Based on that I wanted to bring you a live feed summarizing the biggest mistakes along with a handful of pointers to tighten your form up. 

The video embedded above is well worth the watch! Here are the mistakes I cover in a summary:

❌Throwing the weight
❌Bad posture 
❌Improper weight 
❌Improper form
❌Lack of intensity

I hope this demonstration helps you correct any wrongs and build on what you’re doing right. Thanks for watching and talk soon!

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