How to stop wasting time with the wrong forms of cardio

When people who are unfamiliar with training or building an elite fitness body, the fallacy is to go out and run (while dieting) and you'll lose a ton of weight.  Cardio is the ultimate form of fat shedding, but you have to know which type is right for you, and when it will be the most effective!  Think of it this way; you only get so much time in your day - If you're going to choose to do cardio at some point in your day - you're making the right choice.  Now I'm going to help you choose the BEST form of cardio to perform while making that choice!


1. Fasted Cardio - This is performed first thing when you wake up and on an empty stomach.  This is the best form for fat burner and muscle retaining.  I recommend this five days per week and no more than 30 minutes max.  If you're already lean and your goal is to burn extra fat, just walk on an incline for 20 minutes!

2.  Post Workout HIIT Training - High Intensity Interval Training is highly effective for burning fat and can also strengthen muscle.  After you've put in 45 minutes to an hour of weight training your body begins feeding on fat, so now interject hit training and prepare to really decimate body fat.  HIIT should be performed in high intensity as it's name is implied - This means I recommend this only twice per week and on higher carb days - I realize my video explanation of HIIT is a tad short - As I filmed this I realized HIIT will need it's own video where I'll give some onsite examples for you to use - Looking forward to that one!

3.  Steady-state Cardio - Tried and true.  You can't go wrong with 70% effort steady cardio.  Though it comes in at 3rd on my list - make no mistake - it's very effective.  My only issue with steady state - It's boring!  I always try to spice it up by listening to audio books or watching Netflix on my iPhone.  Steady-state comes in handy when you've already performed your HIIT for the week or if you're having a low-carb (or zero-carb) day.  This means your energy is already sapped and you still need to get your cardio in.  This should be done 20-60 minutes.  Let me know some of your time-killing secrets to get through cardio.


Stop wasting your time with the wrong forms of cardio! Quicker and higher intensity is much more effective for fat loss and lean muscle gains. Using these methods will guarantee you faster fat loss.