I can never see the word "champion" and not instantly think of Gaby. Her fitness prowess is evident in every way, including her washboard abs, but I can't begin to write this without mentioning her intellectual mastery.

Gaby has a way of motivating us on so many levels. You truly have to experience her for yourself. This leader is one I will take in my corner any day. #teamGaby


From Gaby:

I wasn't an athletic person...I never did any kind of workout in my life. I had eating disorders just because I wanted to look skinny. I came to RE Fitness because I wanted to learn how to eat healthy and change my body in the right way. Not in the way that I had been doing.. skipping meals or detoxing myself by not eating for a week. I knew I was wrong and because of that I hated the person who was in the mirror. I didn't like myself because I treated my body so badly just for appearance. It was the totally wrong mindset and I felt like crap because my family and kids don't deserve an unhealthy mom.

When I joined my first RE Fitness challenge my life started to change in many ways. My mentality was still changing and I wanted to prove to myself that I can change if I wanted to. And I wanted to change for a healthy life. Starting a 12week plan has helped me to keep changing and changing. I never quit. Nutrition was almost close to 100% the whole time because my desire to beat the old me was big.

I never thought I would win the May Summer Shred Challenge. I never won anything in my life and this recognition was the best thing that happened to me in my life. I discovered that fitness is my passion because of RE Fitness who gave me the tools to achieve my goals. I started to dream big when I decided to take my fitness journey to the next level and my dream came true joining a competition and having a dream body. I didn't win a medal, but a medal doesn't qualify me for all the hard work that I have done during the past months. I gained more than a medal- the discipline that I got for getting fit is the discipline I'll take everywhere as well as the strength I acquired is the strength I'll carry in my life. I beat the old me and that makes me a winner.

Connect with Gaby | Instagram: @Gabymiya


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