The Choice Is Yours | Rise Or Fall

The Choice Is Yours | Rise Or Fall

Post by Duane Nagel 

Are you sticking to the game? Or have you thrown in the towel on your goals?

We are in the midst of something we have never experienced before.  We all handle things differently and we allow that to be a crutch and excuse for decisions or choices we make.

Let's talk perspective a bit.  Many times over my life I have heard several leaders say this - "Your Path will follow your perspective!"

The way you walk and talk will lead you to the very path you are heading.

In easier terms - you don't go to school to become a lawyer and walk out a doctor.

Your mindset - your perspective - will either lead you to a continued path towards your goals or it will lead you down an entirely different path heading in the opposite direction of your goals.

When it comes to not having gym access - where is your current mindset?  What is your perspective?  What path will you now follow?

There are two possible outcomes here - the cream will rise to the top and Elites will come out of this situation even stronger or you will crumble and find every excuse in the book for why you didn't progress and go down the right path.

Everything is a mentality.  Elites will have a winners mentality.

This whole situation is a huge test for each and every one of us.  The majority of the country is going through the same exact thing as many of us right now.  This will be fucking hard for many of us - but only has hard as we make it.

Stop trying to control all the uncontrollable things around you.  Start taking control of what you CAN control.

1.  Your nutrition
2. Your Workouts
3. Your work ethic
4. Your desire to adapt and overcome the current situation

Here is a list of everyone that is above executing solid resistance training with a cheap set of bands:

Not a single person.

We can still challenge our bodies and drive forward and execute.   Get comfortable being uncomfortable!  

Change will only happen when we challenge ourselves and force ourselves to be uncomfortable.

When training - there are a small amount of goals in the gym for hypertrophy:

1. Overload the muscles with higher weight
2. Overload the muscles with specific range of motion (ROM) or time under tension (TUT)
3. Overload the muscles through active recruitment of more muscle fibers

Using bands you have a way different type of resistance that you are used to. Because of this change in stimulation and the different type of stabilization the bands provide you will most likely recruit more fibers because its an entirely new type of stimulus than what your body is used to.

Overload through just fiber recruitment is still overloading. And overloading means we can still be progressing.

Be explosive and use TUT and full ROM to your advantage and you will see an amazing different type of stimulation.

Or you can choose that other path. Screw your nutrition because you "cant work out like before". Don't put in any proper effort with at home training. Keep buying all the junk so you can keep eating all the junk while you are at home more. Find yourself one of the svorty-hundred excuses to walk down the other path.

It's up to you. You dictate your mindset.

"But I don't feel like I get sore enough with just bands"
Soreness doesn't equate to a good workout. Nor does lack of soreness mean you had a bad workout.

"But I just don't understand how to use these bands properly."
There is this thing called google. Use it. You can post memes for days that hit your social media feed, you sure as hell can look for proper techniques for band workouts on youtube.

Hell - many of us have way more time in the day now and are spending way more time at home. Why not do 2 a days if you don't feel it enough? Do a push workout in the morning. A pull workout in the evening. Do quads the next day in the morning. Hammies and glutes in the evening. Repeat.

Take some time to really concentrate on form and contracting the proper muscle during an exercise.

Take the time to get more sleep so the body can recover and grow.
Take the time to allow some nagging injuries to heal.
Take the time to really dedicate yourself to executing your meal plan 100%.
Take the time to use those bands to really push yourself to absolute muscle failure so you can see what that truly feels like. Maybe it takes you 40 reps to get there with what you have - but you will get there.
Take the time to find a way to overcome the situation instead of whining and complaining about how you miss the gym.

At the end of the day - no matter what - make sure you hold yourself accountable before you go to bed. Ask yourself. What path am I on? What is my perspective? And if you are on the wrong path - make sure it's not acceptable to go to bed without getting back on the right path the next day.

This is our lifestyle. We just don't turn it on and off. We adapt and overcome.

We all need some wins or W's. Lets get back to that mentality of "WHATEVER IT TAKES FOR THE W!"

We all can make excuses. But Elites do not allow excuses to be a part of our culture.


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