You're hanging out. You've watched everything worth watching on Netflix and have started on the B movies. Believe me, I feel your pain. 

In cases of extreme boredom or just a break from the normal routine, we can find ourselves quickly slipping down the rabbit hole of eating everything that is even mildly tasteful.

We put together a list of the absolute worst foods you can put in your body during the Coronavirus Quarantine. Without a usual pace of work life and the standard calorie burn it offers, these are the top 10 most detrimental things you can eat right now:

Sugary Cereals

A considerable amount of us start our day with a bowl of cereal, however, it's one of the worst things you can eat.

Highly processed sugar-oats (especially those focused toward kids) contain additives to make them preserve better, counterfeit colors, added flavorings and high measures of sugar.

An article distributed in the Journal of American Dietetic Association found that cereals marketed toward kids contained more: sodium, starches, sugar and calories per gram than the rest.

Full-Sugar Sodas


The average soda contains about 10 teaspoon fulls of sugar.

This incredible shock to your system is nearly impossible to burn off over the course of a day. And that is just one can. Stick to diet sodas or caffeine free.

Processed Meats


Due to the high sodium content, using this sparingly is your best option. Keep processed meats to one serving per day as a maximum. Aim for getting your protein intake from organic or prepared whole foods with low sodium.

Frozen Meals


Sure they are convenient, but let's face it they don't even taste that good and the calorie dosing is incredibly high. Many preservatives are added which are hard to work off. Leave these in the frozen foods isle.  

White bread

Commercial white breads are overloaded with sugars. It's much easier to switch to whole grains. In many cases it is cheaper too. Trade your white breads for whole grain english muffins. Way less carbs to boot! 

Fruit Juice 


Some do contain high vitamin C. That still doesn't make up for the heavy amounts of sugars and unnatural sweeteners. You're far better off taking a vitamin C tablet and drinking flavored water. Try MIO or Crystal Light. 



Unfortunately these are a major no no. With incredibly bad nutrition profiles, pastries like Cinnabons are literally some of the hardest things to burn off.

Regular Potato Chips

Boasting a similar profile to pastries, the fried snacks are loaded with saturated fats. Worsley, most of the lower calorie chips simply have a ridiculously low serving size.

Always read the nutrition facts when buying chips. A better alternative is baked chips. 

Ice Cream

Ice cream may be delicious, but it’s loaded with sugar. See a trend here? Sugar like adding lower belly fat on due to the excessive energy it causes in the body. 

If you eat it as a dessert, it's way too easy to overeat ice cream. Stick to frozen yogurt!

Full Fat Cheeses

It's true that cheese can sometimes be considered a healthy fat. The problem is the dense calories. If you are going to have cheese, never break 2 servings in one day. 

As an alternative, go for cottage cheese instead - not only is it very filling, it contains high protein and is great for appetite curbing. 


Protein bars

Most protein bars are incredibly unhealthy.

They’re high in sugar, refined wheat flour, and processed fats while also very low in essential nutrients and just buffed with whey protein as an additive.

The big thing to look at here is the saturated fats and sodium. It the bar is high in both - you should avoid.

The Three Big Takeaways 

  • Avoid going over 40 grams of sugars in one day. Your body cannot process it, even at high caloric burns. 
  • Watch out for the processed foods. If the sodium daily value is high, skip it.
  • Don't worry too much about fat but avoid saturated fats
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