🌯 How To Healthify Your Burrito: A Guilt-Free Fiesta

🌯 How To Healthify Your Burrito: A Guilt-Free Fiesta

Burritos are a beloved comfort food, but they can often be calorie bombs loaded with unhealthy fats and excess sodium.

The good news? With a few smart swaps and additions, you can transform your burrito into a nutritious meal without sacrificing flavor.

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The key to a healthier burrito lies in smart ingredient choices. Here's how to build a nutritious yet delicious burrito:

Choose Your Ingredients Wisely

  1. Wrap: Opt for Mission Carb Control Burrito Wraps. These wraps provide the traditional burrito experience while significantly reducing carbohydrate intake.
  2. Protein: Choose lean beef as your protein source. It's rich in iron and B vitamins while being lower in saturated fat compared to fattier cuts.
  3. Seasoning: Select a low-sodium taco seasoning. This helps control your salt intake without sacrificing flavor.
  4. Cheese: Go for low-fat Mexican cheese. You'll still get that creamy, melty goodness with less saturated fat.
  5. Carb Source: Choose your carbs wisely. Options include:
    • Brown rice for added fiber
    • Black beans for protein and fiber
    • Corn for sweetness and texture Mix and match based on your nutritional needs and preferences.
  6. Veggie Fillers (Optional): Bulk up your burrito with nutritious, low-calorie options like:
    • Pico de gallo for fresh flavor
    • Diced tomatoes for vitamins and antioxidants
    • Shredded lettuce for crunch and volume

Choose Your Sides Smartly

Complete your meal by loading up on steamed non-starchy vegetables as a side. This could include broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, or bell peppers. These sides add volume to your meal, increase your vegetable intake, and provide essential nutrients without adding many calories.

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