6 Hangover Helpers to Keep in Your Kitchen

6 Hangover Helpers to Keep in Your Kitchen

Every now and then we all let loose a little. But there's nothing worse than knocking back a few too many only to wake up the next day with bloodshot eyes and an ear-splitting headache. Fortunately, there are a handful of everyday staples that can be used to ease the pain of a rough night on the town. Here are six power foods that work wonders for helping you rebound from a hangover.

1.    Asparagus

Having some steamed asparagus before or after a night of drinking could mean the difference between a quick recovery and spending the next day in bed. Korean scientists have found that a compound found in the shoots and leaves of asparagus boosts levels of specific enzymes capable of breaking down the alcohol and allowing it to leave your body more quickly.

2.   Coconut Water

The morning after kicking back a few, it's in your interest to be in love with the coco. Naturally rich in electrolytes - one serving packs a whopping potassium punch of 569 milligrams - coconut water is incredibly hydrating. It also contains more flavor than plain water, which may make it easier to get down.

3.   Ginger

Remember the days your mom would give you ginger ale when you had the flu or an upset stomach? There was a reason for that! Ginger ale is an age-old cure for nausea. If you're feeling so sick from a hangover that the mere thought of food makes you want to hurl, opt for some more potent fresh ginger root instead. You can simply add the grated ginger to fresh juice or water and drink up.

4.   Tomato Juice

It's common knowledge that drinking depletes your body of vital micronutrients, which is a big part of why you feel so crappy the next morning. To facilitate a quick rebound, pour yourself a heaping glass of tomato juice. Scientific studies have established that tomato juice can improve liver function, which speeds up the alcohol digestion process. The antioxidants and vitamins in tomato juice also help replenish nutrients lost during a night of drinking. (And no, Bloody Mary's do NOT count here!)

5.   Bananas

Eating a banana will help your body restock essential electrolytes, the loss of which creates that shaky feeling you get from drinking too much. Sore or twitching muscles the morning after drinking is a sure sign of a potassium deficiency. Bananas are chock full of potassium, so eating one whole or in a smoothie will help get you back to 100% fast.

6.   Eggs

Some people love 'em, others hate 'em, but any way you slice it eggs make a great morning-after breakfast to cure a hangover. Scrambling, frying, or whipping them up in an omelet should do the trick. It's actually not the grease that's easing your pain, by the way - it's the amino acid cysteine that's found in eggs. Cysteine helps break down acetaldehyde, the toxin responsible for killer hangovers.

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