During Coronavirus, Our Time Is The Most Valuable

During Coronavirus, Our Time Is The Most Valuable

There has never been a better time for you to do great things for yourself and others.

Time used to make sense. It was put into nice pieces for us. Work time and family time were finely cut by the lines in the sand of "being off." This was easy to grasp and after years of school, college, and finally business life, this was a life we trained forever for. Now everything is blurry. Out of left field we are handed an abundance of time. We have a plethora of new hours to either spend wisely or let slip through our fingers.

It's time to accept a fact staring us in the face:

Our time matters more now than it ever has.

Let's not waste it.

Let's use it.

I think back to the moment before the world was turned upside down. I was planning an amazing event in Nashville that was open to my entire fitness crew. We locked in a gym, rented out an entire bar, and were inking in venues for the 2020 RE Takeover.

(Pic from the 2019 Nashville RE Takeover)

As we seem to be dealt more bad news on closings and hardships worsening around the globe I kept hearing versions of peoples' stories. Each of us is experiencing our own struggle. Many are laid off or on the chopping block with an unsure career future; others are dealing with loved ones sick or at high risk if they become sick with the virus.

Peering through the smoke of this difficult time I can see and hear the drumbeat of a different tune — one of pure hope. There are business owners telling me how they survived the 2008 recession and came back even stronger. A few folks I follow that have already had coronavirus and beat it are shouting tales of victory.

With so many things shut down, it's easy to see nothing but loss. However, there are so many silver linings to this period of uncertainty. And one thing is definitely for sure: The human spirit is too strong to break.

As I juggle a million projects, 3 questions keep circling my mind:

  • Am I spending each day making the most out of projects?
  • What things should I learn now that can directly support the newer version of myself that must rise to the challenge?
  • What am I doing to support my physical health — so I can be a better friend and coach to those who are with me on the journey of life?

These are tough considerations but necessary ones. In order to have hope for yourself and be an inspiration for those who look up to you, you have to demand more from yourself. Moments like this are a chance to dig deep and gain leaps and bounds in the way of personal growth.

It's true, we may never see the old normal again, but we will see a better normal. We will defeat COVID-19 and the shutdown it has caused. The time on lockdown will feel like only minutes when we look back, but here in this moment it can exponentially build our lives up fast.

What we devote time to now should build us up physically and mentally. It should be what matters most to our future self.

Time now is too precious to waste. Unwind mentally then rebuild your foundation—your family, your team, your relationships, your ideas and actions. Today is the tomorrow us.

Stay safe, and as always I'm glad to connect with you! I feel gratitude and overwhelming motivation to have you with me! 

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