Gyms are packed nowdays. Wall to wall on many nights, and we're not just talking New Years anymore. The fad of training is at a fever pitch.

So I have to wonder, where are the results?

Let's boldface admit it; most people look exactly the same. Month after month, year after year. They experience little to no change. They hardly even look like they work out. Good thing they hold up pics with supplements or we wouldn't even know they "lift."

Call me weird but I wouldn't set foot in a gym or train at all if I'm not getting results. I have other things to do in life, my time is valuable, It's our only true asset. This means all my training needs to be highly potent.

People hop from coach to coach, fad plan to fad plan. It's an endless vortex of time-wasting garbage. In this lifestyle, your results speak or they don't - plain and simple. If you have a plan in front of you worth the salt and you don't optimize your time spent or can't hack it- you are the only one who has failed.

Look at the reality, we've become used to getting things RIGHT NOW. No more patience and the focus of a goldfish have made the common gym goer weak in the mind as well as the body.

There are only a select few who understand the core rules of body change:

1) You eat like shit, you won't change.

2) Less is more. Higher intensity beats time spent training.

3) Changing your routine up dramatically makes ZERO sense. Follow your program and TRUST the process. You ain't going to change overnight.

4) EAT THE SAME! Stop playing around with all the fancy foods. Prep your meals in bulk, stop crying about the taste and EAT SMART.

5) STOP the guesswork. You have the ability to link up with quality at DIRT PRICES. Get a coach, plan, or take on a challenge that will provide ACCURACY.

6) STOP overthinking. You really think the wheel can be reinvented? While you're trying to tweak your protocols someone who is willing to grind is blowing your doors off. Get your head out of the stupid apps.

7) Get more sleep. Don't even make an excuse, sleep is the human superpower. This is how we replenish growth hormone. Turn off your stupid ass Netflix series and go to bed.

8) Drink more water. If you can't account for 6-8 cups you are missing a key basic and should find something else to do with your time.

9) Stop crying about your lack of results. This is the worst. "I've only been eating salads, I'm getting nowhere." This means nothing to nobody. No one knows your protein intakes, or what else you've been doing. Unless you're going all in - just stop.

In Iron Challenge, we'll scale from the original building blocks to the advanced peaks. Together we will leave behind the average and get incredibly serious about making the most out of our time spent with training.

Prepare to unleash a new fury and shave years off your training experience. I am beyond excite to kick this one off!!


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