Go to any gym, training facility, or big box workout center and you'll notice something almost nobody talks about -- the fact that less than 5% of the folks working their butts off see body change. Even worse -- under 2% are optimizing for the best output.

I never understood taking the long road. It's a path to nowhere. Rather, I spend my time honing in on the FASTEST way to get from point A to B.

The big Q: "Why are you going to the gym -- if you're not changing!?!" I sometimes think people just go as a social hour, but we both know -- they are there for results. They are just doing it wrong.

The Mistakes

Falling off, slow results, and no body change all come down to 3 things:

1. Trying to outwork poor nutrition.

This is the equivalent of trying to drive a car with no gasoline. If you pop the e-brake you might be able to see some movement, but hardly any. Nutrition is 80% of your results - especially when it comes to fat loss. Balance your carbs, proteins, & fats or you're wasting your time.

2. Working out for too long.

I saw this post, "I was killing legs for 3 hours!" No. No, you weren't. That person was about 2 hours too long in the gym. The fact is, intensity is far more important than time. The best fitness professionals, olympians, and celebrities spend less than an hour training. The secret is high intensity. Lower the rest times to get more bang for your training buck. Get in-and-out with massive energy spent/calories burned in a shorter amount of time.  Believe it or not, that 15 minute morning HIIT routine is nearly 3x more effective than an hour on the elliptical. And the kicker is, you can do the HIIT workout from home - no need to drive to the gym.

3. Having a weak circle.

Often we let those closest to us bring us down. There is nothing worse than a dream-crusher in the inner-circle. You know the type, you show up with your meal prep and they have a snide remark about how you should be pigging out with them on lunch break. It can be extremely hard to stick to any plan with a "friend" or significant other who is not supportive. One of the biggest keys to a fitness journey is a constant willingness to learn and progress. This is nearly impossible with a doubter in your midst. Clear out the toxic connections and surround yourself with smart people who support your goals.

The Solution

This is the part where I would normally tell you that if you're looking for real results get the #12Week Custom Plan and join the free RE Fitness Group for accountability.

The plan from me is absolutely your best answer from a tactical approach but I'd like to take a different stance because there is something else you need to come to terms with first.

Cultural norms like processed carbs, nightly dinners out, and hanging with toxic "friends" are just what people do. If you're not ready to reset your mindset and come to terms with these undeniable truths you will likely never get anywhere. The plan will be a waste of money, and your fitness goals will become even more distant.

I have the best clients in the world and am honored to help so many change on a daily basis but all my success stories have one thing in common; they made an immediate and irreversible choice to change.

When you are ready I will be here to take you over any obstacle. But as a coach I only work with the dedicated. Search for your deep "why" of change and you will be able conquer any obstacle.

If you need help discovering that, check any of my client transformation stories. We must all find a deeper reason to achieve what we desire.
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