Tracking Your Fat Loss? Here's Why The Scale Doesn't Matter!

Tracking Your Fat Loss? Here's Why The Scale Doesn't Matter!

Post by Duane Nagel

We have an issue here. Too many people are worried about the scale moving.

Many are literally trying to undo years of unhealthy eating choices and bad habits in just a few weeks. Frustrated because the scale just isn't moving.

Here are some of my result pics (ALL NEARLY THE SAME WEIGHT):

Throughout my journey I have done a body Recomposition where my structure has significantly changed all while I was roughly at the same weight.

As you build lean muscle and burn fat your body will change but that scale may not budge or barely move at all. For me What changed was pants sizes, shirt sizes and my overall measurements.

It takes time to undo the choices we made. Some are able to speed that process along a bit faster than others but it still takes time. Many of us have age and hormonal changes fighting against us.

Let's observe the facts:

1 lb of lean muscle takes up way less space in the body as 1 lb of fat. Which is why overtime as both change the scale may not move. Not to mention the other science of water entering fat cells and all the other fun things are bodies go through before that scale finally drops.

There are so many reasons why the scale doesn't matter that we could easily do a top ten list:

  • Body composition is changing everyones weight fluctuates daily with many factors like sodium, bowel movements, digestion issues, water and much more
  • Lean muscle does NOT weigh less than fat. A pound is a pound. Its lean. Less space.
  • clothes can change without scale moving
  • You could have metabolism issues and now following a meal plan is resetting it which will get it moving to burn more calories each day just by existing!
  • We could easily line up 5 men or 5 women all the same height and weight and all of them would look different
  • The scale doesn't adjust for everything happening inside your body at all. Switching to a healthier lifestyle starts a TON of changes inside
  • And much more.

So you have been working hard for a few weeks and the number isn't moving?

Thats awesome! Be patient. Changes will come as long as you stay dedicated. Follow your plan and trust the process!

Hope this helps someone today. 🙃

-Duane, aka Baby Yoda Daddy, aka GoalCrusha, aka BooFaceMemeKing

(please note this article was wholly inspired by Alyssa and no Baby Yodas were harmed during the making of it).

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