The 3-Step System to Getting Abs

The 3-Step System to Getting Abs

How to Stop OVERCOMPLICATING Things and Get Fast, Sustainable Results

In order to develop a leaner, more well-defined core, it’s crucial that you reset your mentality and stop overcomplicating things.
The fitness industry tries to make things seem confusing, obscure, and overly difficult, but it doesn’t have to be that way! If you follow the advice from this post, you will not only save money and wasted effort, but also shave years off your journey to a stronger, tighter core.

I wanted to share the PRECISE 3-step system that I’ve used for the past 10 years, both personally and with my clients, to command ridiculously FAST results just like you see in my picture here. Whether you’re new to fintness entirely or have been going at it for years, this system is your game changer:

1. Understand Ab Anatomy

Your “abs” are not just one lump of muscle. In fact, the abdominal muscles are made up of 4 main components, each of which has a different function and responds to training differently. Here's what you should keep in mind:

 Rectus Abdominus - This is the most well-known and prominent ab muscle. Ever wondered where abs get their "washboard" look? It's from a strong tendinous sheath called the "linea alba" that divides the rectus abdominis down the middle, plus three more horizontal tendinous sheaths. The primary role of the rectus abdominis is to help flex the spinal column, facilitate side-bending, and stabilize the core.

 Abdominis - The deepest layer of ab muscles is the abdominis. The fibers of this muscle run horizontally, sort of like a weightbelt, and wrap completely around your torso. Although the abdominis doesn't help with movement, it does play an important role in respiration and breathing.

 External Obliques - Those deep "V" lines you see are having well-defined external obliques. The external obliques are responsible for spinal flexion, rotation of your torso, sideways bending, and compression of the abs.

 Internal Obliques - Located just below the external obliques, the internal obliques are involved in many of the same functions.

 To get a chiseled six-pack with deep lines you need to work all of these muscles, rather than simply hammering one of them. Most people are not following a routine designed to develop each component of the abs, which is seriously hindering their results.

2. Put Your Nutrition First.

Time and time again, new clients come to me having tried numerous supplements and promising programs but “nothing has ever worked.” The reality is those alluring quick-fix options are actually setting you further back. 

📰 NEWS FLASH: You’re simply not going to get lasting results by loading up with those NEW buzz supplements containing unnecessary chemicals that supplement companies promote solely in the name of making money.

If you’re not getting anywhere you need to GO BACK TO THE BASICS. This starts with a nutrition regimen that properly balances proteins, healthy fats, and carbs.

Understand that the BULK of all fitness results comes from the kitchen - this is not an opinion, it’s FACT. Here are the 3 pillars of a solid nutrition plan:

1️⃣ Plenty of protein - Eating sufficient amounts of protein will help you build lean muscle mass. The more lean muscle you have, the higher your resting metabolic rate will be and the more calories you’ll burn overall.

2️⃣ The right carbs at the right times - Carbs are not the devil, nor will eating them hinder your quest to build great abs. The KEY is filling your meal plan with complex carbs - items like brown rice, quinoa, sweet potatoes, and whole wheat bread - and minimizing your caloric intake of simple carbs like candy, cake, donuts, soda, and white bread. Also, consuming your carbs earlier in the day and post-workout will ensure that the metabolism is able to make use of the energy instead of storing it as fat in the abdominal area.

3️⃣ Healthy fats - Believe it or not, consuming fat torches fat. This could be an entire post, but let’s keep it the FUNDAMENTALS. Coconut oil, almonds, avocados, and salmon contain healthy monounsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids that you need to function properly. Processed meats, full-fat dairy, corn oil, and packaged foods typically contain tons of saturated fat, and other unhealthy ingredients that should be avoided.

3. Spike Your Metabolism with Optimized Training.

This is the fun part. Working out releases endorphins, helps the brain think more clearly, and gives you a natural confidence boost. A mere 20 minutes of targeted exercise every morning is all you need to achieve mind-blowing results.

 One SECRET I’ve implemented for the past 10 years is getting in a morning workout before I’ve eaten. This type of exercise is referred to as “fasted training.” All advanced athletes understand this principle. When you haven’t had food for over 8 hours (while you're sleeping for example), it burns fat to energize the workout.

I’ve used this technique for years in the form of morning cardio and ab workouts performed 6-7 days per week. This has given me results so incredible that people swear I’m using advanced supplements and “cheating” when really it’s just about training smart. I’ve also witness these results with thousands of clients and friends.

 HOW TO PUT IT ALL TOGETHER: Instead of following information from 15 different sources, getting lost in Google, adopting strategies non-experts have cooked up to sell products, and praying the next miracle supplement will work for you overnight (I promise it won’t), try something different…

Change your mindset and commit this instant to doing things the RIGHT way with a smart nutrition and training plan followed consistently.

Focus on simplicity and persistence. By learning the proper techniques and following a reliable program, you won’t just save yourself time and money - you’ll actually be stunned at how fast you are capable of change.

These are the exact tactics we will use in the NEWEST CHALLENGE - May Summer Shred 2019 is ow filling!