Never Skip Rest Day... Here's Why!

Never Skip Rest Day... Here's Why!

Training is an important role when it comes to losing body fat. Exercising regular is vital to overall health — the body needs movement.

However as crucial as the calorie burning is, so is REST. It’s a rookie mistake to overlook taking 1-2 days per to stretch, eat some essential greens, and recover.

How Often Should You Take A Rest Day?

Most professionals suggest at least 1 full day to perform only stretching and some light cardio. This will of course vary from person to person based on the output.

One interesting fact; small stretch-only workouts can be effective for building more lean muscle which in turn will help shred fat. 

The Many Additional Benefits of Rest Days

  • Removing the risk of fatigue
  • Allows for optimal caloric burn (24 hours of rest)
  • Allows joints and ligaments to properly recover
  • Increases protein synthesis due to prolonged inactivity (24 hours of rest)
  • Adjusts sleep schedule 
  • Mental recover increases

What To Eat On Rest Days

It’s important to eat dietary fibers. This means dark leafy greens. Eat high healthy fats like almonds, coconut oil, or avocado (2 servings of either or a mix and match).

Due to the lack of caloric burn, reduce carbohydrate and protein intake by 25% on average. This typically means dropping one meal from your meal plan on rest days! 

Any personal trainer or successful coach would also be able to attest to the beneficial effects of rest days.

Remember to avoid burning out by taking the time to allow recovery. Weight loss is marathon — not a sprint. You need be healthy, trust the process, and get to know your limits.