You Think You Can Spot Reduce Fat

Before we dig into the more technical 'how to lose love handles' tips, it needs to be stated. You cannot spot reduce fat. It's scientifically impossible to target one specific area of fat loss without using liposuction. This means you'll lose fat as a whole by closely following the methods laid out in this list.

You're Snack Too Much

Grazing throughout the day easily leads to mindless snacking, which in turn leads to mindless calories. Try meal prepping to eliminate the temptation to snack. This will also help you eat during a shorter window each day, which will also limit your calorie intake.

You’re Focusing On Cardio

Cardio is a necessary part of any well balanced workout program, but isn’t effective on its own. Instead, supplement cardio with weight training to target fat loss in a specific area, such as where those annoying love handles are now!

You’re Drinking Too Much

Calories from alcohol add up more than we realize, and that weight gain tends to cling to your midsection. If you are going to drink, limit how often you’re indulging and try to choose healthier alcoholic drink options, such as vodka and soda water instead of that high calorie beer.

You Aren’t Managing Your Stress

Extra stress keeps us awake at night, causes us to make poor food choices, and can sometimes even keep us from our workouts . You might not be able to eliminate all of the stress in your life, but you can manage how well you deal with it. Try doing something for yourself to relax every day.

Not Carb Cycling

To get next-level results on your core and really burn the love handles and lower belly fat, one of my signature Custom 12 Week Plan Builds is a carb cycle. Carb cycling is a nutrition approach in which you alternate carb intake on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. If implemented correctly, nothing is more powerful!

Your Workout Isn’t Optimized

Even though you might be working out regularly, you may not be focusing on the correct muscle groups. Try varying ab and core workouts workouts more and add in body weight exercises to see faster results. Try a HIIT routine for starters!

You Eat Too Many Processed Foods

Sugary foods spike your blood sugar levels and cause your body to hold onto fat. Try replacing starchy bread with a lettuce wrap instead and pay attention to where else in your diet that you can make healthy swaps.

You’re Trying to do 1000 Crunches

Contrary to popular belief, doing an endless amount of crunches and sit-ups won’t get rid of your love handles. Instead, you should be varying your ab targeted exercises and of course, eating a well balanced diet.

Training Your Abs & Love Handles With Weights

STOP this now! Using weights to train your core will force your hips to widen and develop a blocky midsection. Your bodyweight will always provide the power resistance.

You Don’t Have a Smart Nutrition Plan

If your nutrition is not finely tuned for you. your program is inferior. There is no simpler way to put it. Using a plan with a built-in caloric deficit is the ultimate way to fat loss.

The reason RE Fitness holds the Gold Standard Custom 12 Week Plan Build is because of the accurate intake process. Removing the guesswork to ensure an fail-proof path to fat love success will rid love handle and core fat faster than anything else.


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