First, Let's Define The Average

This graph from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey in the United States charts the average body fat percentages of Americans from mass patient samples from 1999–2004 (most recent data):

body fat

Okay, so not everyone is walking around sub 10% body fat, we get that - but the numbers are quite alarming. The table below from ACE (American Council on Exercise) shows how average percentages differ according to the specified groups and categories:

body fat chart
Notice the essential fat category clears up a major myth. Next time someone says they know someone who has "no body fat" hit them with a little education;  
Essential fat is the level at which physical and physiological health would be negatively affected. When you are in the essential ranges your body is susceptible to a wide range of negative effects, some of which include:

  • Loss of testosterone
  • Rapid aging
  • Early onset of hair loss
  • Reproductive organ failure
  • Dehydration

Get Lean, Not Too Lean

Modern fitness has pushed the boundaries on what is acceptable. However there is a stigma to drop body fat rapidly and stay in the "super ripped range." Many who claim to be in a super low range are either lying or severely unhealthy. Under 6% for men and 12% for women are not healthy at all. Fitness competitors who lean down for an event are the exception and after show day the smart ones carb back up to a healthy weight.

The ultimate balanced athlete physique is in this range:

*Even some of the higher fat percentage physiques are extremely above average and require some diligent efforts to maintain. At this point it comes down to what your personal preference and willingness to put in the work is.

Set your own standards in life - you'll be much happier.

Best Way To Measure

Whole-body air displacement plethysmography (ADP) is a recognized and scientifically validated densitometric method to measure human body fat percentage but some of us might not have access to a body pod

The skinfold estimation methods, based on a skinfold test, also known as a pinch test, whereby a pinch of skin is precisely measured by calipers, also known as a Plicometer. This test is highly accurate.

You can find a trainer at most gyms who will give you this test for free or maybe just a few bucks. Just ask.

Question Though: Why The Hell Measure?

Other than science buffs out here or for medical purposes issued by a physician what is the point? Most of us are trying to simply improve daily, be happy, and healthy. Maybe the best goal is to look good naked and feel great.

That said, just eyeball it and throw out the damn numbers. The mirror will never lie to you, but you know what will? The scale.

10 Steps To Dropping Fat

The fun part. Jump into this live feed with me and I'll show you how to drop the body fat in 10 simple steps. 

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