3 Major Ab & Lower Belly Fat Myths

3 Major Ab & Lower Belly Fat Myths

When asked what is the main thing about their body they would most like to change, more than half the time a person will say their midsection. The well-defined six pack seems to be the most coveted but most elusive goal for both men and women wanting to improve their physique.

But the truth is, abs aren’t different from any other part of your body. Just like any other area, if it’s covered in fat, you aren’t going to see muscle definition, no matter how many crunches you perform. For too long we’ve heard tips on killer abs that simply aren’t going to change the shape of your stomach. Here are the top 3 myths that promise to deliver killer abs but will only leave you feeling frustrated and hopeless:

1,000 Crunches a Day Will Deplete Stomach Fat

This is one of the biggest myths out there when it comes to toning your abs. First of all, no single ab exercise of any kind is going to burn off belly fat on its own. They simply don’t burn enough calories. If you are ever going to see your abdominal muscles, you are going to have to eat well and workout your entire body to burn the fat on top of them. Secondly, crunches only work out part of your abs. The key is doing compound movements that will work all of your abdominal muscles including your obliques. 

You Should Stop Eating Carbs

The low carb craze has led many people to believe that carbs are bad and only lead to weight gain. The trick is to instead learn what carbs are good for you and which carbs are not. Choosing complex carbs (brown rice, fiber-filled veggies, oats, sweet potatoes, and whole grains) can actually be good for you while trying to lose body fat because they stave off hunger and steady your blood sugar levels. Rather than eliminating these from your diet, try to avoid taking carbs before cardio so that your body works to burn off fat during the workout. Improving the quality of your carb intake can help you burn fat most efficiently which will get you closer to seeing those abs that are hiding underneath the fat for now.

There Is a Shortcut

This myth is not limited to building a 6 pack. This is the all-around fitness myth that people fall for all the time, but is never going to be true. There is no secret ab move or ab machine that is going to allow you to eat terribly and avoid every other exercise while simultaneously building perfectly chiseled abs. Just like the rest of your fitness goals, building your 6 pack will take time and discipline. Do no trust any gimmick that promises a 6 pack in 1 week. Be consistent with your fitness and nutrition routine over time, and you will see results.

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