Check-In Time!

Check-In Time!

Bodyflow Check-Ins

Check-ins will allow your coach to calibrate changes and keep records of your progress!

You will submit a check-in (photo + measurements) every other Sunday. Please send check-in within 48 hours! DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THE SCALE!! 

Here’s how: 

1. Log in to your RE Fitness Trainerize Account.

2. Go to the “Calendar” tab on the left. 

To upload your progress photos, go to today’s date and click on the “Take Progress Photos” prompt to upload your photos. 

To upload your measurements, click on the “Track Body Stats” prompt and click “Enter Stats.” There you can enter your weight and measurements. 

The app will store your photos and measurements and chart your progress over time. It is an amazing tool to track your goals! 

A couple of tips:

KEEP TO YOUR CHECK-IN SCHEDULE - Regardless of how you are feeling or what kind of condition you are in, take the pic! This is the moment where you will either be kept on track or forced back on track.

KEEP OPTICS THE SAME  - Your pose, lighting, who takes your pic (if other than yourself) and locations should all be as similar as possible with each check-in. 

KEEP YOUR INATKE THE SAME - When taking your pic check-ins make sure your food intake and time of day is similar.

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