Feeling down and out? Can't snap back into the zone? The days start to blur together and before you know it the longest trips you're making is to the fridge and back to the couch. 

With all this free time you start to slump lower and lower into a lazy place. Before you know it, you're watching Netflix shows you literally don't like but can't seem to turn the TV off. Meanwhile the only escape you get is the next high-calorie/high-fat meal.

If this continues body fat packs on quick and your focus gets dulled. It's time to hit the reset button on this and break the cycle.  Here are 7 practical steps.

1. Complete a SMALL Workout

Don't dive into the hardest workouts you can find. Take on something super easy you can complete quick. You need to get a small win under your belt and the body needs a physical shock. 

Here is an 8 Minute Full Body:

2. Trade Netflix For a Success-Driven Podcast

We have more important things to do besides load our brains with sugar coated nonsense. One episode or movie per day is fine but you need to stop there. Just because the people you went to high school with are watching Tiger King, doesn't mean you should too. 

I may be bias but I think this Success Convo will do the trick (find the rest on iTunes "Success Convo Podcast"): 

3. Get On a Call With Someone Ambitious

I'm sure if you take a second, you can think of that friend who is always on the move with their career or business.

Give them a buzz to catch up and let some of those vibes sink in.

Even if you have to pay for a meeting from a success coach. Usually that is one hell of an investment. 

4. Make An Investment In Yourself 

Free information is cool and all but it rarely helps you. Even this advice, as powerful and reasonable as it sounds, would be worth 900% more to you on average had you paid for it. 

Fact: Free kills ambition. While paying for something is like lighting a match to your goals. Believe it or not this is why many never succeed. 

I had a finance professor that use to say "without risk, you can never have an adventure." Take a course, start a fitness program, even buy a college text book to read. 

5. Delete Instagram Immediately 

This goes for any social media that you have high screen time with. Especially Instagram. It delivers almost zero value to the user. 

If you don't want to be that aggressive start "unfollowing"any friend or account that is not helping you grow. 

Nothing against them, but you want to break your rut, you need to get the hell away from time wasters. 

6. Clean Out Your Fridge

Nope. Don't even start with the excuses here. Get up, pull the trash can over to your fridge, toss out the garbage food. Don't worry about wasting your $10 bucks on the frozen pizza, it'll be okay. If you have been abusing calorie intake - this is a clean up. 

The mad rushes from grocery stores are cooling and literally all the healthy stuff is coming back in stock on the regular. Take on a clean eating regimen and start healing your body and mind.

7. Write a Thank You Letter 

When you're feeling gratitude it's impossible to also feel fear or anxiety. Think of the last great gesture someone did for you and write them a hand-written letter.

When you clear off your table and grab your pen and paper, as the words flow out you'll feel a major mood shift. 

Once you slap the stamp on the letter and send it out to mail, you'll have a new burst of inspiration. Not to mention you'll make someone's day so it's a win-win.



Laziness isn’t always a bad thing, everyone deserves a slow day now and again. Figuring out how to stop being lazy may be as simple as changing the way you approach certain tasks and adopting healthier lifestyle.

If there's anything I can do to help you break out, don't hesitate to drop me a line. Myself or team will be happy to get you pointed in the right direction. We are all in this together. 

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