7 Steps To Self-Care You Can Do From Home

7 Steps To Self-Care You Can Do From Home


In moments of struggle, we can do one of two things. Crumble and let our emotions overcome us. Or rise to the challenge and use the hardships as a chance to grow.

I've created a step-by-step outline of actions you can take right now that will lift your confidence, boost your mental energy, and ultimately help shape you into a stronger version of yourself.

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Let's dig in.

Create a Mission Statement

We all have current goals, sure, but how bout your life’s bigger mission? What is the one big thing that you want to accomplish?

Your personal narrative can be guided and manifested with a precise, readable mission statement. The statement should follow this format and should be read first thing every morning:

  • What I want most and what I desire and I deserve in this life is __________ (name a goal so big it scares you).
  • In return for this, I will devote myself and my life’s work to __________ (what’s the biggest sacrifice you’re wiling to make?).
  • I will have or achieve this by this day __________ (be realistic).
  • This is the plan that I am putting into action immediately to acquire this __________ (in one sentence describe your plan).
  • Make a promise to yourself that combines these statements into 3-5 sentences

Some of our world’s greatest thinkers, scholars, and business magnets have all used this exact formula. As a personal recommendation, be sure to write this with a pen a paper, do not use a keyboard or digital notepad — it works so much better!

Learn To Eat Well

There are few things as important as your body. Health and nutrition is beyond essential — we take it for granted at times and eat for pure enjoyment with no afterthought.

In a nutshell simply maintain structure between protein, carbohydrates, and fats.

I created a quick guide to help you understand one of the most important elements of nutrition; your meal prep.

Help Someone In Your Circle

This is an article about self-care so why did I include reaching out to help someone else?

Because it’s 100% essential to your goals and ability to stay inspired.

Even if you do something small like call a friend and just let them vent about something. A completely selfless act can allow you to recalibrate your balance and even inspire new ideas to keep you excited about going through the hardships that it takes to reach your goals.

I’ve included an episode of #SuccessConvo here where I dive in and chat about how to identify and organize key players in your life. Give it a listen:


Exercise Everyday (More Than Usual)

When you’re being active in your self-development, exercise is a major key. It will open many doors for you.

This is just as much for your psyche as it is your physical health and body changing results.

The act of completing physical activities to the point of sweating and ‘getting a burn’ unlocks a primal aspect of your subconscious. Your focus will be heightened and you’ll be cleared from brain fog if you train first thing every morning before your first meal.

Here is a great workout I’ve created for you (no gym need so I don’t want to hear any excuses):

Lift Mental Weights

Can you remember the last book you read cover to cover? Think of a time you were so passionate to learn something that you dug in and took an abundance of notes — your brain hurt from obsessing about a specific subject.

This is what I call “lifting mental weights.” It’s the brain version of doing 2 more reps past the point of pain in the gym. This is where the most growth happens.

Pick a subject or skillset and challenge yourself to learn it at a rate that forces you to be uncomfortable. You’ll be very surprised how much your retention rate will increase.

My top 3 must-reads:

1. Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins
2. Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson
3. Story of The Human Body by Daniel Liberman 

RYAN’S SECRET TIP: download the audio and written version of the same text. Put the audio on 2x speed and read along. Pause when you need to take notes. This will keep you speeding through the content while committing it to memory.

Develop a New Atomic Habit

An atomic habit is something small that you’ll do every single day (eventually without having to think about) that will amount to a massive change in your life.

Above all else your habits make up who you are as person because they’re your ACTIONS. To develop a new atomic habit into your life there are three big rules:

  • Make it simple and easy to complete
  • Make it enjoyable
  • Do it daily

Let me give you an example that ties in with your mission statement from above. Take your written statement and place it on top of your phone before you go to bed so that you turn reading it aloud to yourself into an atomic habit.

You won’t miss it because you’ll have to move it to get to your phone. It’ll be enjoyable as when see the statement you begin to connect your future goals to it. And if it covers your phone, you’ll have to do it daily before you can do much else.

Become Obsessed With Being Better

This is possibly the most important step. To complete anything and raise the quality of our life, we not only wish for greatness, we must demand it.

A friend of mine keeps the replica of a skull in his office. I found it grim and of course was curious of its meaning so one day he explained it to me.

Momento Mori. In latin culture it serves as a symbol of death. When I’m feeling unmotivated or find myself falling into a run, I am quickly reminded this is my one shot here on Earth. It can help me push past through any adversity.”

That gives me chills. We are told to simply put-put along in life and not rock the boat too much. I disagree with that notion. Life is to be enjoyed to the fullest — we must push our limits and give back along the way.

There is not a day that goes by I don’t ask myself “can i do this better?” If the answer is yes more than one day in a row — it’s time to snap and go even harder.

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