Burn 30 Free Challenge Mandatory Completion List

30 Day Burn Challenge Rules and Guarantee Official Rules

This program may only be accessed by a new challenger and may only be accessed once . Existing clients must purchase another program in order to continue training services after the initial Challenge. Once you have accessed the 30 Day Burn Challenge, all sales are final. We do not offer refunds for any reason as you do receive immediate access to all training materials except by successful completion of the following requirements:

(Our team will be standing by with direct support and guidance if needed simply by emailing team@ryanengelfit.com)

FULL DISCLOSURE: The goal for us is not to retain the security deposit but to get our challengers to complete the necessary steps for body change and continue to work with us in the future!

REFUND OF SECURITY DEPOSIT: After completing the below steps, we will refund your deposit to the original bank account or credit card of your payment. Should you change accounts, etc we will Paypal you the full amount to an account of your choosing!

WHY WE CHOOSE TO HAVE THE SECURITY DEPOSIT: Not only is it beneficial to our challenger success rates, it also protects our systems from bots, free-chasers, passerby's. We reserve our staff resources and intellectual property for those who are ready for true change.

Disclaimer: All materials, coaching elements, workout routines, are not to be shared or downloaded for distribution or resale. The materials are for BURN CHALLENGERS ONLY.

Items To Complete (With Tips To Get Them Done Easy):

-Lose a minimum of 5 LB or 5% Bodyfat

KEY TO SUCCESS: As stated this is a weight loss challenge. Not meant for building large amounts of muscle. The most important aspect is following your meal plan. If by week 2 you are not experiencing results of any kind please reach out via email so we can custom tailor programming for you. 

-You have 30 days to complete your challenge upon your sign up ( you have 14 days to request a refund upon the completion of the Burn 30 Challenge)

KEY TO SUCCESS: "If it doesn't challenge you it won't change you." Hunker down and treat the 30 Day Burn as your chance to make true change. Let your family, friends, and co-workers know you'll be passing on some of those temping meals out so you can stick to it! You may request to restart your Challenge at any time, however, we would like to emphasize that doing so would result in forfeiting the refund of your Security Deposit. 

-Submit your original intake form within 72 hours (sent upon sign up). Simply submit the form with adding all required pics (3).

KEY TO SUCCESS: The starting point is critical. This is the beginning of a new you. Be as detailed as possible so you remember where it all began. 

-Complete each weekly check-in (4, 1 per week) within 72 hours from receiving the form via email. Simply submit the form with adding all required pics (3).

KEY TO SUCCESS: This part is easy. You're putting in the work so simply submit each form when it arrives! You have 3 full days to get the form back in but we see best results when challengers don't put it off. Get these in on time!

-Complete each weekly mindset challenge (4, 1 per week) within 72 hours from receiving the form via email. Simply submit the form.

KEY TO SUCCESS: Body change all comes down to mindset. Ryan will walk you through some his most important lessons from clients, fans, and challengers. It's a chance to get expert knowledge along the way so you get lasting results. To make this simple, private, and accessible to all, there is a small form, similar to your check-ins that comes with each video - complete each challenge within 3 days and you're golden!

-Complete a minimum of 3 workouts per week.

KEY TO SUCCESS: We can track via the membership area and email if the workouts are being utilized. Aim to knock out a minimum of three per week so you can get this great results! *If you're unable to complete the workouts due to medical reasons, etc. please reach out and we'll make a custom caloric burning routine just for you.

-Complete your final outtake form (1) which arrives on Day 30 of your Challenge Start Day within 72 hours from receiving the form via email. Simply submit the form with adding all required pics (3).

KEY TO SUCCESS: And this is it! The final check-in form. The chance to see your hard work come together. 

-Contact us for a FREE custom meal plan if you need additional nutrition tailoring.

KEY TO SUCCESS: Should you need any altering, we are just an email away. Don't be shy to give feedback, we're in this together and your results are our #1 priority.


Please note that any events or situational changes in your life that may occur after the sign-up process are beyond our purview and responsibilitygiven that immediate access to all materials is granted upon registration with unlimited lifetime accessibility. Should you be unable to complete the Challenge due to an event outside our company's control, our team will review and may make special consideration to grant you with free access to additional products/services/etc.

Important: Please keep in mind that intentionally gaining access to additional services and programs, such as Burn Ultra, and filling out a Request Form only after all the materials have shared, will disqualify you to receive the Security Deposit back. 


Q: Do I need a custom meal plan?
A: Not at all! this is simply an option for the 'more picky' or 'extra help needed' challengers. The standard Burn Meal Plan is fully capable of incredible results as it is fully macro tuned.

Q: I'd like to work 1-on-1 with a coach, how can I start now?
A: Our top offer is 1-on-1 coaching. At any point if you'd like to upgrade, please check your membership area for a 1-on-1 call with a coach to see if you are a good fit. We allow challengers to apply their security deposit to getting started. *Please note, we have limited spots for coaching so if it does not appear in your membership area please email in so we can put you on the wait list.

Q: What if I am not able to complete The Challenge? Do I lose access to The Burn Workouts & Meal Plans?
A: Life happens! We completely understand. Though you will not qualify for the Secutiry Deposit return you will keep lifetime access to your membership area, meal plans, and all bonuses as a thank you for joining.

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