How To Stop Looking Back

How To Stop Looking Back: 3 Things To Say To Yourself Right Now

Science says many of you right now are holding onto your past failures. We’re not talking about learning from them and growing from them – we’re talking about harboring awful feelings of your mistakes.

This mindset needs to END NOW if you want to succeed. Here are 3 things to say to yourself this instant to break that held-hostage mindset:

“I cannot fail unless I quit.”

Behind every book written, every record set in the gym, and every business success you see are countless failures. Times when things did not go a successful person’s way. Realize that in order to succeed at any goal worth achieving you will face losses. Accept it and push forward. Learn from the past lessons – never let them own you.

“I will never strive for perfection. Only progress.”

Every step towards your goal is to be cherished. The journey you’re on is one of progress. You will be able to celebrate small victories along the way that will eventually become major milestones. Do not think for a second you will ever be PERFECT because the idea of PERFECT does not exist. Don’t look to what others have for the vision that suits you best – create your own and you will live a life that is incredibly fulfilling.

“I’m struggling today. This is developing the strength I need for tomorrow.”

Only if you persist through the obstacles, walk through the cinders, and shake off the doubt others cast on you will you reap the rewards of true strength. All the tests and immediate pressures you face that make you uncomfortable, hurts both physically & emotionally are preparing you. One day you will look at where you are and the pains will pale in comparison to where you stand in true achievement.

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