how to start your fitness transformation

Starting Out: 23 Fitness Tips To Jump Start Your Transformation

A new transformation journey can be intimidating. Pump the brakes on any worry and give this guide a read through.  Here are 23 KEY TIPS to get you moving in the right direction!


  1. Plan, plan, plan. This is the foundation of all your success or failure. “Fail to prepare and you can prepare to fail.”
  2. Have a list of 2 WEEK GOALS. It’s great to focus on the BIG PICTURE but you need to drill down! Have at least 3 mini-milestones (e.g., go 2 weeks sticking 100% on nutrition).
  3. Set up your environment for success. Remove temptations from the cupboard and use a workout plan you are most likely to follow. For example, don’t take on a 6-day gym program if you work 60 hours per week – make your goals realistic goals.


fitness plan


  1. Never forget to pack your food. This element is more mental than physical. When you set out on your workday or weekend trip, have your pre-cooked meals on hand.
  2. Accept imperfection. Understand that something will come up. You’ll miss a meal or workout here and there. Accept that life will happen.
  3. End overthinking. Overthinking derails most people when they take on a new routine. Don’t get lost in small details. Move forward, never backwards or side to side.
  4. Schedule your sleep. This is huge! You need to have an actual set time at which you will be in bed. In order to keep your willpower high so you can remain dedicated you need 6-8 hours of sleep at minimum. DO NOT violate this rule.
  5. Develop a growth mindset. Over 80% of the population has a fixed mindset, as described below.

growth mindset


  1. Prioritize elements of your day. You want it, right? Well you better have a schedule or the devil on your shoulder will take over. Your nutrition timing and workout should be top of mind with a dedicated time slot.
  2. Have an accountability alliance. You need a group of people to help you stay motivated. Join RE FITNESS VIP – it’s FREE. You will find yourself surrounded with a powerful group of motivated individuals.
  3. Keep your backup plan ready! You’ve accepted the fact that life will happen. You need some healthy alternative foods to have that don’t need to be prepared. Keep a ready-to-drink protein shake in your car or at your office for those times you cannot meal prep.

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  1. No more messy cabinets with mismatched Tupperware lids. Buy yourself some decent meal prep containers or use plastic bags for a major convenience hack! Here are the EXACT ones I buy for a great price right on Amazon.
  2. Pick up frozen vegetables. Roast or grill big batches of veggies like onions, peppers, asparagus, and eggplant, and keep in the fridge to add to salads and wraps and use as side dishes.
  3. Be okay with eating food cold. You won’t always have the time to heat your food – it happens. Prepare some meals with this in mind.


  1. Stop throwing your cash away on supplements. Amateurs/beginners spend almost their entire fitness budget on “quick fixes” only to learn the hard way they don’t exist. Buy non-name brand supplements and hunt for good deals. Invest in a personalized fitness plan!
  2. Prepare your meals 2x per week! It is always possible to find healthier alternatives when you go out to eat. However, nothing saves you more in the long run than prepping your own food.
  3. Weigh your food. Eyeballing your portions not only helps you get results faster – it saves you from over- and under-eating which will cost you majorly while stifling your results.

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  1. Be dynamic with your output. This is a fancy way to say “mix up your training.” Training for fat loss especially is nothing more than energy burning or calories leaving your system. Once you have your training plan in-hand don’t be afraid to jump in and workout with a friend or mix your training up for the day. (This rule does not apply to nutrition. Be as regimented as possible with your intake.)
  2. Use only Smart Cardio. Would you like to get your cardio done in under 20 minutes and have it be more potent than an entire hour or less effective forms? Try implementing HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).
  3. Master your macros. Understanding how your energy balance works and learning how to count macros will give you the maximum flexibility and variety over your nutrition.
  4. Understand not all things are equal. Your nutrition is 70-80% of your results. Don’t think you can out train a poor diet (biggest rookie mistake).
  5. Use a COACH. Why would you try to do it all on your own? Even celebrities and professional athletes use a coach or trainer to build them a precisely calibrated fitness plan. Invest in your health, fitness, and transformation by having a personalized plan built for you.
  6. Become an action taker. All of these tips look great on paper. Until you decide to put them into action your goal will remain a wish. Decide who you want to be 3 months from now!


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