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How To Spot a Liar: Success Convo Episode 9

We are lied to anywhere from 10 to 200 times per day on average. And what’s worse, our barometer for detecting lies is way off. Highly accurate studies have revealed the average person is typically 50 to 75% wrong when trying to determine whether or not they’ve been lied to.

In this new episode of Success Convo we lay down 5 MAJOR keys in detecting lies. We also have some fun and dive into what to do when you catch a liar.

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Ryan’s Notes:

(Directly from my notepad)

How To Spot a Liar

How many times were you lied to yesterday? Take a guess.

I am a professional lie detector. It was my JOB.

Low end: 10

High End: 200

Our lie detector is off. Recent studies showed on average we are 50-75%+ wrong when we think we are right.

Behavioral baseline must be established.

Body Language

We are going to look for keys of STRESS – not deception.

First key: BLOCKING. with their arms, legs or a PHYSICAL OBJECT: phone.


A smile, or something that registers for less than a second. The emotional response of your brain moves faster. There is a visceral joy of getting away with it.

*Watch for a pursing of the lip.

Verbal: Shifting Response

Be direct as soon as you think their is a lie. Listen closely. PEOPLE DON’T LIKE TO LIE.

Half answer or REDIRECT. If they don’t directly answer they are most likely lying.

Concrete Redirect

Qualifiers: Listen for that. “No I didn’t take money out of your wallet.”

They answer different questions.

Once you got them there: Have them reverse the whole thing from their point of view. DON’T FILL IN THE GAPS.

Offensive Switch

“Why are you wasting my time with this stuff?” Can be a way to attack the person asking questions when the liar feels backed into a corner. He or she may try to attack your character or abilities.


Kate: “The Silent Catch”

Ryan: “Setup”

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