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That’s a Serving Size?! 5 Ways You’re Getting Fooled

I have a confession to make. Although I’m consistent to the point of obsession about weighing out my meats, grains, and veggies, there’s one thing I’ve never really bothered to measure: peanut butter. I mean, I don’t eat it all that often and when I do it’s usually just to add a little flavor to my otherwise dry English muffin.

Just for fun the other day, I decided to measure out an actual serving of peanut butter . . . and boy, was I SHOCKED. Two tablespoons – the serving size for virtually all peanut butter brands on the market – is a ridiculous amount of peanut butter. I mean, enough to keep your mouth glued shut for an entire week. Need a visual? Here you go:

serving sizes, serving size, peanut butter

In all likelihood, you’re slathering about 1/3 of that amount on your bread and consuming nowhere near the 180 or so calories that a serving size contains. Comforting to think, right? Not so fast. There are actually quite a few ways you’re probably getting tripped up by underestimating what you’re putting into your mouth. Get ready to have your mind blown and, in some cases, your heart crushed . . .


Whether you’re eating it raw, melted atop some nachos, or as a tasty fondue dip, cheese is just all around amazing. Sadly, a typical serving size of 1.5 ounces really isn’t enough to wet anyone’s whistle. You’re looking at about four dices worth of food, which wouldn’t even keep Mighty Mouse satisfied.

serving size, serving sizes, portions sizes, portion control, cheese


If there’s one thing about pasta, it’s that they pack an awful lot of calories and carbs into an awful small portion size. Most restaurants dish up about 4-5 times the 1/2 cup that constitutes an actual serving size. In other words, you’re eating a Nerf ball when really you should be eating a tennis ball.

serving size, serving sizes, portions sizes, portion control, cheese


Remember how I was saying two tablespoons feels like a lot? Well, not so much when it comes to hummus. Ever go to a party – or, let’s face it, sit on the couch in your living room – scarfing down pita chips and hummus like it’s nobody’s business? You probably ate more like 1/3 cup (pictured below) than the two tablespoon serving size allotted.

serving size, serving sizes, portions sizes, portion control, cheese


What do an iPhone and a shot glass have in common? You can use them to measure your almonds, of course! The next time you don’t feel like sitting there individually counting out 28 nuts, just use one of these handy replacement methods to make sure you’re getting the correct serving size.

serving size, serving sizes, portions sizes, portion control, cheese