how to meal prep

How To Meal Prep: 5 Major Keys

Meal prepping is the MOST IMPORTANT aspect of getting FAST results. Too many times people prioritize training and supplements then wonder why nothing is changing.

Nutrition makes up well over 70% of ALL results.

🔑 KEY 1: Buy & Cook In Bulk

Meal prepping will save you time and money in the long run. Always cook 3 days in advanced at a minimum. NEVER make the rookie mistake of dirtying up your kitchen and meal prepping for only one or two meals at at a time.

🔑 KEY 2: Make Your Meal Prep Fast

Meal prepping is NOT something anyone wants to do. We are far more likely to do things we don’t look forward to if we make the process streamlined and easy. Approach your meal prep with a GSD mindset (Get Shit Done). You are prepping for results, not a cooking show.

🔑 KEY 3: Schedule a Time To Meal Prep

Many people go to meal prep when they are out of meals. This is a major party foul. If you wait until the last minute to prep the chances you will cave in to hunger cravings increase tenfold. You will then crash and burn on all your hard work. Picking two times a week and inking it in your calendar will be a game changer for the busy people out here… This means all of us.

🔑 KEY 4: Use Smart Meal Prep Containers ONLY

You need to go for convenience when it comes to your meal prep packaging. Think about size and portability. Most of us are not hermits – therefore we need to be able to eat while we’re out and about. We need containers that carry our macros and can quickly be pulled out on the go. We will enjoy a lifetime of great results while our friends down their McDonald’s.

🔑 KEY 5: Never Go Without a Plan

Ever wonder why you go to the gym and see the same people that never change? Take a look around your gym. The majority are there just going through the motions day in and out and getting next to zero results.

This is the equivalent of working a job and not picking up the paycheck. The reality is the vast majority gets nowhere because they just do “whatever” advice they heard through the grapevine that week.

Here is the FULL VIDEO BREAKDOWN of these keys and MUCH MORE. There are many hacks and secret weapons for a solid prep in this video so I strongly advise watching all the way through for both beginner and advanced:

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