HIIT Training: How To Use This Powerful Fat Loss Method

High Intensity Interval Training is a scientifically proven, superior cardio method. People who understand how to harness the power of HIIT achieve 50% better results on average than those who use other cardio methods.

In this full guide prepare to fully understand what HIIT is and how to use it.

What is HIIT?

In the purest form high intensity interval training is simply sprints or any type of burst training. Anything that picks your heart rate up and drops it. HIIT can be applied to almost any form or style of training by upping the short-term intensity.

The Scientific Advantage

HIIT peaks the metabolism by taking full advantage of both energy systems.

  • Anaerobic system –  “Without oxygen.” This is your body’s primary energy system for all energy expenditures lasting 1 minute and under. This type of training causes a full shock to your central nervous system, forcing your body to burn more fat in a shorter time due to maximum effort.
  • Aerobic System – “With oxygen.” All workouts lasting over one minute pull from this energy system. As long as you are taking in oxygen your body will perform with moderate to low fatigue. Think slower pace, marathon style.


Who benefits from HIIT training?

HIIT can be used for just about any athlete or person desiring fast fitness results; however, there are two incredibly powerful reasons to take advantage of it.

Fast fat loss overall

HIIT is the optimal cardio style for fat loss in both men and women at all levels of expertise. BONUS: Pair HIIT with fasted cardio for extreme fat loss.

Build lean muscle while burning excess fat

While on a caloric surplus, undesired body fat can be easily put on. Post-training HIIT sessions can keep the fat at bay.

How does HIIT stack up to other training methods?

For fat loss, there is much scientific literature stating that HIIT is superior to all other methods aside from resistance training. Due to the intensity of HIIT, it’s an unrivaled training method for results in almost all cases.

HIIT workout layout

Cycle HIIT

A classic example of HIIT is cycle HIIT training. Please see this quick video for a sample regimen:

Body Resistance HIIT Style

There are many forms of body resistance HIIT. The important thing is to go from exercise to exercise with intensity.

How to customize a HIIT workout


Monitoring the heart rate is the best way to optimize your HIIT workout and customize it to individual fitness levels. Using a state of the art monitor is essential for an accurate reading.

Heart rate formula is based on your age as a baseline. The Journal of the American College of Cardiology published a study recommending “208 – (age * 0.7)” as a more accurate measure for maximum.

(208 – (age * 0.7)) x 70 percent = low zone; (208 – (age * 0.7)) x 85 percent = high zone

The optimal HIIT zone will be between the low and high zones. A veteran athlete may work up to the 90-95% range, while the average exerciser should keep below the 85% range.

BIG warning

Do not attempt HIIT training with poor nutrition

There are many coaches and professionals who will have you think “their” HIIT regimen will work wonders for you even without proper nutrition. This is 100% false and negligent on their part. HIIT regimens are demanding on the body and should only be performed with proper nutrition and hydration!

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