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A Fitness Transformation Requires Real Work. Not Photoshop

I’ll start with an apology. Several weeks back I found a motivational phrase about fitness transformation that spoke volumes to me, and I quickly shared it to you via my Facebook page.

It wasn’t long before a fan called me out. I didn’t actually notice or care who the ripped person was in the background of the photo, but my fan pointed out that it was ex-Shredz athlete and scam artist Devin Physique.

I didn’t know much about him, but a few Google searches revealed the evident truth that this fitness “superstar” had been admittedly Photoshopping his pics. He’d also been outed for running fake challenges and promoting bogus diet advice.

It’s people like this who make my job very tough. I have to break through the wall of distrust that brands like his create. In a world of online marketing and social media hype, people are right to be skeptical of the claims that are made about what it takes to achieve a great fitness transformation.

To be honest, I’m ashamed that I posted that picture since I pride myself on producing only the best content and being 100% real with you. I’m not in this for fame or money, but instead to motivate my clients and fans. I’m here to build relationships with people based on the notion that we succeeded through hard work and discipline.

So, on that note, let me make up for posting that pic by introducing you to a client of mine who epitomizes hard work. Meet Joe Solis (pictured on the right).

devin physique

Joe, a 34-year-old father of three, started up with me as a client in April 2016. Having served in the marines for many years and now working as a firefighter and farmer on his off days, Joe knows what it means to dedicate yourself fully to a goal and stop at nothing to attain it. When Joe first signed up with me, his main goal was to regain the abs that he’d had in his younger years in addition to putting on some lean muscle. He’s more than exceeded those expectations by anyone’s standards.

By committing himself to a strict diet, six days a week of intense weight training, and four days a week of optimized cardio, Joe managed to incinerate his stubborn belly fat; shrink his waistline; explode his strength levels; and develop some insane muscle definition in the chest, shoulders, arms, and quads. Joe’s story is that of a true fitness transformation – one attained through sweat equity, consistency, and the will to never give up.

Thank you, Joe, for reminding us all what fitness and the quest for self-improvement is about.