48 laws of power - Law 1

48 Laws of Power: Law 1, Never Outshine The Master – Success Convo

The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene. We will be diving in chronologically during Success Convo and discussing each law in detail. Enjoy LAW 1 in this NEW episode of Success Convo Podcast!

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Ryan’s Notes:

(Directly from my notepad)

Law 1: Never outshine the master

4 Rules

1.) Remember to compliment genuinely.

Don’t flatter.

***Be careful of overdoing this since the master could eventually sense your deceitfulness

Power tactic:

Make a small mistake on purpose – so you can get assistance. It lends itself to a thankful compliment.

2.) You may intentionally outside the master. Learn effective strategies so that they would not be insecure of your exceptional qualities.

3.) Once you have respect – don’t think you’re special.

4.) Win as a team. Pay victory homage!

Big Takeaway

Ryan – Self awareness is a commodity.

Kate – Say 1/3 less!


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